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About A. Jacobi 

A. Jacobi  consulting and project management is a company that has existed for about a decade.

The company provides project management services to the private sector  in the field  and the public sector in the field of construction (renovations / paint / restoration of buildings and more).
Over the years, we have met hundreds of clients who presented us with various problems in the field of construction and infrastructure. One of the problems was sewage smells coming from the pipes, when solving this problem usually involves a large financial expenditure.

This is how our product was born.Metairie.

With a simple installation that takes about two minutes, enjoy an effective solution and a home without unpleasant odors!


Customers Recommend

I came to Eitan through a friend who heard that I had a problem at home - Eitan explained to me on the phone how to install the part, it took me a minute to connect it to the pipes and since then there is no trace of the terrible smells that used to come from the sewers.

Shimon, Tel Aviv

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